Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen Focuses on Refining Throwing Motion

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen Focuses on Refining Throwing Motion

Working on Efficiency

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is currently dedicating his efforts towards refining his throwing motion. The primary goal? To make his throwing motion as efficient as possible. However, this doesn't mean a complete overhaul of his technique. Allen is focusing on small adjustments to improve his performance without completely changing his throwing style.

Refinement Not Overhaul

In an effort to enhance his throwing motion, Allen is working on cleaning up areas where he tends to get long with his arm and stride. These adjustments are meant to make his mechanics more streamlined and effective. "I wouldn't call it a complete overhaul of my throwing motion, but definitely some things to work on and clean up," Allen mentioned, emphasizing that the changes are more about refinement than transformation.

Collaborating with Experts

To aid in this process, Allen has been working with Chris Hess from Biometrik. Together, they have been utilizing advanced mapping to track movement patterns. During these sessions, Allen and Mitch Trubisky threw passes to Chase Claypool and other Bills staff members as cameras tracked their movements. This data-driven approach helps highlight areas for improvement and allows Allen to focus less on mechanics and more on execution. "You show me the perfect throw, I'll tell you something wrong with it probably," Allen said, highlighting his commitment to constant improvement.

Handling Past Injuries

One challenge Allen faces is returning to his pre-injury throwing mechanics. Last season, he suffered a right shoulder injury but did not miss a game. Although he continued to play, the injury did alter his throwing motion slightly. "The [injuries change] how you throw it just a little bit because your body is shielding itself from pain," Allen explained. Now, his focus is on getting back to the form he had before the injury.

Adapting to New Faces

Apart from working on his mechanics, Allen also needs to adjust to new faces in the offense. With Khalil Shakir being the only previously targeted receiver still in the lineup, maintaining communication during the summer break and training camp is crucial. Allen is dedicated to ensuring that there's an open line of communication regarding routes and concepts. "Making sure that we're gonna meet during the summer break that we have here, and then in the training camp, just make sure that we're talking and have an open line of communication with routes and concepts," Allen elaborated.

The Role of Data

Despite the complexities involved in adjusting his throwing mechanics, Allen remains committed to trusting the data. He acknowledges that the road to perfecting his throw is similar to changing a swing in golf: it takes time and perseverance. "It's just like changing your swing in golf, as long as you're trusting it and you keep working on it, each and every day, results will come," Allen stated.

Continued Commitment

Allen's throwing form has evolved significantly over the years, and he remains committed to continual improvement. While sometimes it's challenging to witness the imperfections in his form, Allen's dedication to improvement is unwavering. "Who's that throwing the ball? And it's me. It's kind of gross to look at it sometimes, but I don't think it's as gross anymore," he said, illustrating his journey of self-improvement.

The adjustments Allen is making are not about reinventing his technique but about fine-tuning his skills to become as efficient and effective as possible. He is taking a methodical, data-driven approach to reach peak performance, even as he adapts to new teammates and maintains open communication. As he continues to refine his mechanics, Bills fans can look forward to seeing an even more polished and precise version of Josh Allen on the field.