UFC Betting Tips

BetTodayUSA’s UFC Betting Tips section allows you to make informed decisions on who you would like to wager on. Bet Today USA offers a wealth of experienced tipsters who thoroughly examine the latest results and form in the UFC to identify the best UFC bets.

UFC typically hosts 42 UFC events which can comprise up to 520 fights annually. The UFC offers bettors thousands of opportunities to bet on the UFC. The sheer possibilities presented to punters is why it’s always a great idea to check out UFC betting tips ahead of the blockbuster events that the UFC has to offer.

UFC Betting Predictions

Whilst nobody can glimpse into the future to definitively determine the results of any match-up, our team of UFC experts will make their UFC predictions on the previous form, injuries problems and historical data etc. So you know that our in-house professionals can make a UFC prediction with a weight of credible information supporting it.

UFC Moneyline

The UFC moneyline market one of the most popular UFC wagering options for fans pitting one fighter against the other. The majority of win markets are presented in the same format. The favorite is represented with a minus sign (-), while the underdog is shown a (+). Occasionally the odds will be even for two evenly match opponents, this is known as pick’em. You’ll also notice that odds are commonly based on wagers of $100.

UFC Round Betting

The UFC round betting option is another popular market that sets a UFC line on how long the fight will last and the bettor decides if they think the contest will go either shorter or longer than that line. If a fight has an over/under of 1.5 rounds and the odds are -200 on the under and +275 on the over, that means the bettor would have to wage $2oo to secure $100 on the fight going less than 1.5 rounds. There’s really no limit to the ways you can bet on any given round in UFC. Here are some popular round betting options examples:

  • Exact round
  • Exact round + method of victory
  • Total number of rounds (over/under)
  • Fight goes the distance
  • Grouped round betting

UFC Method of Victory

The UFC method of victory is when the bookmaker sets odds on the final outcome of the fight and how it will unfold. A bout in the UFC can end (split, unanimous, majority, draw, KO/TKO or submission. There is also the option of wagering what the method of victory will be in what round, which will increase your winnings if the outcome prevails. These type of bets follow the same pattern as moneyline and round betting. Here are some examples of some popular method of victory variants:

  • Fight is within the distance
  • Fighter wins by decision
  • Fight ends in a draw
  • Fighter wins by submission

UFC Betting Tips Today

At BetTodayUSA we ensure you have all the latest UFC betting tips, UFC betting predictions for today’s fight and fight cards beyond . Whether it’s the main card or the prelims before a blockbuster bout, our experts will give you the best and most in-depth guide on UFC betting tips.

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