Alcaraz Gears Up for Clay-Court Return at Monte Carlo Masters

Alcaraz Gears Up for Clay-Court Return at Monte Carlo Masters

In the picturesque setting of Monte Carlo, rising tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz is poised to make a triumphant return to his most beloved surface: clay. With an impressive track record that includes clinching the Indian Wells title and advancing to the quarter-finals in Miami, Alcaraz has his sights set on dominating the clay courts at the Monte Carlo Masters.

However, his journey to this point has not been without its setbacks. Earlier in the season, Alcaraz faced the challenge of withdrawing from a match in Brazil owing to an ankle injury. Despite this hurdle, the young Spaniard has shown remarkable resilience, swiftly bouncing back to prepare for the rigors of clay-court competition.

Alcaraz's Resilience Post-Injury

The world No. 3, Alcaraz, has been hard at work, ensuring his ankle injury becomes a thing of the past. As the third seed, he received a bye for his first-round match, allowing him additional time to acclimate and fine-tune his skills for the clay surface. Confronted with his previous injury, Alcaraz acknowledged the cautious approach he initially adopted upon his return to clay.

"I thought [about my clay return after the Rio injury], with all the slices and being careful on it,” Alcaraz reflected. "But after the first hour [of training back on clay], I try not to think about it and played normally." This mindset underscores Alcaraz's adaptability and determination, pivotal traits for any athlete looking to overcome adversity.

Fortunately, the young prodigy reassures fans and competitors alike that the ankle injury no longer plagues him. "I don’t feel pain in my ankle, and am moving normally. It's something I have to trust, and let’s see. The first matches will be difficult, and there might be some thoughts in my mind about it,” Alcaraz said, revealing both his optimism and the psychological battle athletes often face following an injury.

Learning and Evolving: Alcaraz's Season so Far

Despite a few unexpected defeats earlier in the season, Alcaraz views these experiences as crucial learning opportunities. "I learned a lot from the tournaments that I have played since the season began,” Alcaraz explained. “I’m glad to find my tennis again in the last two tournaments. All my life, I’ve played on clay courts so I know better how to play on the surface. [In] the last two tournaments, I recovered my joy and my game and I’m glad to be able to show that level on clay again.”

This perspective not only showcases Alcaraz's resilience but also his ability to introspect and harness those lessons to further his career.

Off-Court Relaxation with Golf

Away from the rigorous demands of professional tennis, Alcaraz finds solace and relaxation in the sport of golf. This alternative pastime serves as a mental break for the young star, enabling him to return to the tennis court with renewed focus and vigor.

“I can’t compete against him in golf; I’d have to practise for years. It’s something that has helped me a lot to turn my mind off and thanks to that, I can play better on the tennis court. I try to play golf as much as I can to disconnect and it’s really helpful when I’m not training or in competition,” Alcaraz shared.

Eschewing competition in favor of leisure, Alcaraz's approach to golf echoes the importance of balance, showcasing the significance of mental rest and recreation in achieving peak performance.


As Carlos Alcaraz sets his eyes on the Monte Carlo Masters, his preparation journey reflects a narrative of resilience, continuous learning, and the importance of mental well-being. With the ankle injury behind him and a favorite surface awaiting, Alcaraz is on a promising track to showcase his exceptional talent and potentially secure more titles. As he takes to the clay courts of Monte Carlo, tennis enthusiasts and competitors alike will be eagerly watching, anticipating the next chapter in the career of this remarkable young athlete.